Walgreens Pharmacy

Walgreen’s pharmacy is the biggest pharmaceutical chain in the United States. Their only close rival is CVS. With several hundred branches scattered nationwide even in the most remote corners of the country, Walgreen’s pharmacies are the preferred choice of most hospitals and clinics. Walgreen’s offers a lot of discounts to their customers via their Walgreens Prescription Savings Club and reward card program. These programs offer customers the opportunity to take surveys in return for coupons. Walgreen’s pharmacies also offer coupons and savings offers in newspapers and their website, where you can print them out at your leisure.

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It’s as simple as ABC, and the coupons are valid at almost every pharmacy in the United States, even Walgreen’s pharmacies. How does this work? Well, Pharmacy Coupons does not take the place of insurance and isn’t a drug store. Instead, Pharmacy Coupons and the biggest Pharmacy Benefit Manager in the world have joined forces to reduce the cost of prescription medications up to 80%. As long as you present your card to your pharmacist, they’ll type in the code and register your savings. You’ll never have to pay full price for your prescription drugs at any of your favorite Walgreen’s pharmacies or any other pharmacies. Be a smart shopper when you shop at Walgreen’s pharmacies. Let their programs help you pay for your groceries and let Pharmacy Coupons help pay for your drugs.