Vascular Neurology

Vascular Neurology is a medical specialty that focuses on the treatment of vascular diseases affecting the nervous system. A vascular neurologist treats patients with disorders of the arteries and veins. Vessels that facilitate the circulation to the nervous system may be diseased thereby leading to hemorrhage or stroke, which can affect the spinal cord or brain. Very recently, doctors knew very little on how to treat strokes. At that time, lack of diagnostic knowledge made it acceptable for general neurologists to diagnose strokes. However, over time neurologists and physicians have developed new approaches to treating and diagnosing stroke.

Vascular neurology involves several technical procedures; therefore, neurology departments in medical centers have to establish vascular neurology programs. Vascular neurologists must successfully finish these programs before they can be recognized and allowed to practice. Vascular diseases affect blood vessels (veins and arteries) that transport blood around the body. Vascular neurologists mainly deal with patients who have experienced a stroke or are at a high risk of having a stroke. Others work on stroke research, which includes identifying early warning signs, improving rehabilitation therapy, and developing surgical treatments for stroke patients. Those who work with patients provide treatment options, rehabilitation advice or surgery, in some cases.

Vascular neurologists work in medical facilities including hospitals to diagnose and treat vascular conditions of venous or arterial origin. Vascular illnesses can emanate from a wide range of causes that affect the spinal cord or brain; these include intracranial hemorrhage, spinal cord hemorrhage, spinal cord ischemia and ischemic stroke. The American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (ABPN), in conjunction with the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS), has established a body to certify subspecialty of vascular neurology. This move was aimed at ensuring the field of vascular neurology becomes a definite area in Neurology and to provide a method of properly identifying experienced vascular neurologists. Customers can visit to access the best-trained doctors in this specialty.

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