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Drug Name: Vascepa
Generic Name(s): Icosapent Ethyl
Drug Class: Lipid Regulating Agent
Treats: Lowers triglycerides in the blood

Vascepa is a lipid-regulating agent used to lower triglycerides in people who have high triglycerides. Vascepa alone is not a long-term solution when dealing with high cholesterol levels. Therefore, to make Vascepa more effective, it must be coupled with lifestyle changes prior the treatment and as the treatment progresses.

Vascepa is a type of omega-3 fatty acid that is found mostly in fish oil. It lowers triglycerides in the blood when used along with a proper diet. This medication can work better in conjunction with lifestyle changes such as stopping smoking, losing weight if you are overweight, and exercising. This drug works in the bloodstream and liver to reduce triglycerides. Vascepa is also known to lower risks of developing pancreatitis or heart disease. This medication interacts with other medications so let your healthcare provider know if you are taking any medications and do not start or stop any medication during your treatment with Vascepa.