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Drug Name: Ursodiol
Generic Name(s): Actigall
Drug Class: None
Treats: Gallstones

Ursodiol is known to prevent gallstones. Ursodiol is bile acid which is present in the body naturally and is known to dissolve gallstones. Ursodiol is for people who are obese and help them recover from diseases.

Ursodiol is a prescription drug used to dissolve gallstone in patients who do not want to undergo surgery or those who cannot have their gallstones removed through surgery.

Ursodiol is also used by overweight patients who are losing weight rapidly to prevent the formation of gallstones. Under a close watch of a doctor, Ursodiol can also be used to treat a certain liver disease known as primary biliary cirrhosis.

Ursodiol is a bile acid, a substance created by the body naturally and stored in the gallbladder. Ursodiol works by reducing the rate at which the body produces cholesterol. It also dissolves the cholesterol so that it cannot form stones.