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Drug Name: Tri-Luma
Generic Name(s): Fluocinolone/hydroquinone/tretinoin
Drug Class: Melanin Synthesis Inhibitor/Retinoid/Corticosteroid combinations
Treats: Melasma

Tri-luma is the only FDA-approved drug for treating melasma. It contains 3 active ingredients which work together to provide effective treatment. It works by healing the skin, blocking melanin to enhance even skin tone, and providing vitamin A to restore and protect the skin. Common side effects include acne, redness, peeling and burning.

Tri-Luma (fluocinolone, hydroquinone, and tretinoin topical) is a drug that is used as a topical therapy for short-term treatment associated with moderate to severe melasma on the face. Melasma is a skin condition that is characterized by patchy areas of the skin particularly the cheeks and the forehead, often due to hormonal imbalance.

Each of the three ingredients in Tri-Luma works differently to treat melasma. Fluocinolone is a corticosteroid that works by reducing the swelling, redness, and itching of the skin. Hydroquinone is a bleaching agent that helps reduce the appearance of dark patchy areas. Tretinoin works by increasing skin shedding.