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Drug Name: Telithromycin
Brand Name(s): Ketek
Drug Class: ketolide antibiotic
Treats: bacterial infections

Telithromycin is a medication used to treat infections caused by a certain type of bacteria. The most common infection treated by telithromycin is pneumonia. It"s a ketolide antibiotic, and it works by killing and stopping the growth of certain bacteria. Telithromycin is able to accomplish this by interfering with the protein synthesis of the bacteria.

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Telithromycin Uses

Telithromycin is prescribed by physicians to treat certain types of bacterial infections, usually community acquired pneumonia. It can"t be used to treat viral infections such as the flu, and if used improperly can lead to decreased effectiveness in the future. Bacterial infections are combated by killing and/or stopping the growth of the bacteria, which telithromycin does by interfering with the protein synthesis of the bacteria. After safety concerns, the Food and Drug Administration put many restrictions on the use of telithromycin but it is still available for use in situations where it"s safe.

  • Bacterial Infections

Telithromycin Dosage

Telithromycin is usually prescribed as a pill to be taken orally once daily, either with or without food. Doses should be taken at regular intervals or at the same time each day to ensure that the amount of medication in the body remains constant. Symptoms of the infection may clear up before the prescribed amount of telithromycin has been taken, but patients should continue taking the medication for the full amount of time that it is prescribed.

  • The normal adult dosage to treat a bacterial infection like pneumonia is 800 mg of telithromycin taken daily for 7 to 10 days.

Telithromycin Side Effects

Use of telithromycin may result in some unwanted side effects. However, if it"s been prescribed by a physician they"ve ascertained that the benefits will outweigh any risks. Common side effects of telithromycin can include:

  • nausea/vomiting
  • strange taste in the mouth
  • mild diarrhea
  • anxiety
  • headache

Alert your physician if any of those side effects become persistent or particularly worrisome. Rarer but more serious side effects of telithromycin can include:

  • vision changes
  • dizziness
  • worsening muscle weakness
  • fainting
  • irregular heartbeat

Consult with your physician as soon as possible if you experience any of those side effects. Seek emergency medical attention if you experience symptoms of a severe allergic reaction after taking telithromycin.

Telithromycin Interactions

Some medications may interact with telithromycin in a way that decreases its effectiveness and/or increases certain side effects. Provide your physician with a complete list of any medications and supplements that you are currently taking or plan to take during treatment before starting telithromycin. This allows them to ensure that negative interactions are avoided. Some medications that are known to interact with telithromycin include:

Avoid those medications while taking telithromycin unless otherwise instructed by a physician. Telithromycin may decrease the effectiveness of certain birth controls.