Feeling Sluggish? Try These Supplements For Energy

Sleep is the thing that rejuvenates our body and mind after 16 hours of remaining awake. Sleep deprivation, on the other hand, is highly destructive and can lead to a significantly lower quality of life due to fatigue and exhaustion. Fatigue makes one less productive, reduces our motivation, and stifles our discipline. Maintaining healthy energy levels are a huge concern. While many foods can boost energy levels, there are many supplements as well to restore vitality.

Here are a few supplements that will help boost your energy levels- helping you to maximise productivity, increase motivation, and promote discipline.


It’s vital that we secure a good, long night’s sleep every night. Failure to do so will invariably result in fatigue and exhaustion. As day becomes night, a chemical in the brain – called melatonin – increases throughout the day. The more melatonin, the greater the feeling of wanting to fall asleep. Dimly lit rooms at night are, therefore, more likely to induce sleep.

However, for many people this isn’t true, and, for many different reasons, they still struggle to fall asleep. A melatonin supplement is available and can assist the onset of sleep by mimicking its effects in the brain. Melatonin is a natural supplement and helps to restore the wake-sleep balance as it should be.

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Iron is essential for many bodily functions. It assists, for example, in the oxygenation of red blood cells around the body – ensuring each part of the body receives the right amount of oxygen. Many people have an iron deficiency, and this can lead to fatigue or, in some cases, the development of anemia.

Gym-goers need more iron due to the development of muscle mass. The more muscle mass we have, the more iron the body needs to deliver oxygen to those cells. Iron is available naturally in green leafy vegetables and red meats, but may also be taken as a supplement to get more energy.

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Stress may cause fatigue. This stress can come in the form of physical stress or mental stress – both of which illicit the same response from the body. The body increases its production of stress hormones – adrenaline and dopamine – which, in turn, trigger a whole host of adverse reactions including sweatiness, fatigue, and exhaustion.

L-Tyrosine helps to counter the effects of stress before it manifests in the body. In this sense, L-Tyrosine is a prophylactic supplement – something that lessens the stress response before we are made aware of it. L-Tyrosine increases motivation reduces stress fatigue and optimises your ability to focus.

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People who are stressed over a long period of time may have high levels of ammonia. Physical stress as a result of prolonged, intense exercise use can cause this ammonia build up. The use of L-Ornithine has been shown to reduce ammonia levels in the body, thereby alleviating the effects of stress on the body.

However, this comes with a catch. There is no fixed way of knowing whether or not your body has high levels of ammonia – only a blood test can determine this. Nonetheless, however, the use of L-Ornithine as a supplement should always be considered. Alternative energy supplements include creatine, BCAAs, ALCAR, and glucose.

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