Stiefel Prescription Savings Card

The Stiefel Prescription Savings Card offers saving of up to $25 a month on out-of-pocket expenses. Medicare recipients caught in the donut-hole of coverage, consumers who do not have prescription drug insurance, and consumers with a health plan that has many non-covered medications will benefit from a Stiefel Prescription Savings Card. This program offers printable discount pharmacy coupons that help to save money at local drug stores.

Stiefel, a GSK company, is a global leader in skin health that is dedicated to bettering the quality of life for patients who have skin conditions around the world. Stiefel Prescription Savings Card program enables consumers to save on their prescription drugs in ways not offered by their insurance company. If a consumer qualifies for the Stiefel Prescription Savings Card program, they will save money by getting pharmacy products at little or no cost. Coupons and vouchers offered by Stiefel Prescription Savings will also help consumers to lower their out-of-pocket costs for certain GSK prescription medicines. The Stiefel Prescription Savings Card program offers free trials, available for some GSK products, which are designed for patients with or without insurance.

The Stiefel Prescription Savings Card program and Pharmacy Coupons have one thing in common: they both are aiming to help patients who do not have insurance or are not completely covered by Medicare. Pharmacy Coupons’s printable coupons, cards, and vouchers can save customers up to 75%* on their prescription drugs. Unlike Stiefel Prescription Savings Card program, Pharmacy Coupons offers their coupon and discount program to everyone with no fees or registration required. However, working together, consumers can save big on their out-of-pocket costs with Stiefel’s Prescription Savings card and Pharmacy Coupons’s coupons. No one wants to pay full price for their prescription drugs, and with Pharmacy Coupons and Stiefel, you don’t have to.