Social Services

The report that was given by the Department of Labor Bureau of Labor and Statistics U.S. social work is one of the careers that are growing at a fats rate in the United States. This professional is expected to grow up to 25% between the year 2015 and 2020. Social workers are professionals that are highly trained and experienced professionals. Only those who have managed to attain a degree of social work at the master’s level and completed the number of hours that has been set by the social work department can be called professional social workers. These group of professionals have been trained to assist individuals, family, and groups to be able to restore as well as enhance their capacity of social functioning, as well as work to be able to create conditions that are supportive of the needs of the community.

So that social services professionals can be able to function properly, they need the knowledge of human development as well as behavior of social, economic, and cultural institutions and those of the sectors that interact with fields. These professionals are trained to be able to assist people of all background to be able to address their own needs through the psychosocial services and advocacy. Social workers are also trained to help people to be able to overcome some of lives most difficult challenges such as discrimination, poverty, abuse, addiction, diverse, unemployment, divorce, mental illness, and disability. They also help to prevent crisis as well as council individuals, communities and family is able to cope more efficiently with everyday stress.

Social workers need to be able to relate with the people that they are dealing with. They should be able to connect and create an ideal situation that will help those who are in need of these workers services to be able to heal or overcome stress. Results might take a short duration or along one depending with what these social workers are dealing with. There should be a full report that has been made on the progress that the social workers are making.

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