Simple Savings Card is a program that allows you to save on your prescriptions. Getting a card is free and easy. Signing up simply involves sending a text message. You can use an electronic version on your phone or get a hard copy mailed to you or even print out a downloaded copy. Using Simple Savings Card gets you savings of up to 60% on your prescription, and can be used at over 60,000 pharmacies across the country.

Simple Savings Card works by providing pharmaceutical companies with a large number of customers in exchange for better prices for these customers. The discounts thus come directly from participating pharmaceutical companies.

Pharmacy Coupons also provides discounts to people looking for savings on their prescriptions. Using various coupons and discount cards you can get up to 75%* off of prescription drugs as opposed to up to 60% off using a Simple Savings Card. While the Simple Savings Card claims to provide up to 60% in savings, in reality the average savings using this card is 26%.

Neither Pharmacy Coupons or Simple Savings Card require any prior registration. Both saving procedures are very simple. Also, discounts can be used in conjunction with insurance cards. Customers can however choose to not use their insurance card if the discounted price is lower.

With the Simple Savings Card you need to make sure you are getting your prescription from a drugstore that participates in the program. When it comes to using coupons, Pharmacy Coupons can be used on absolutely any prescription at almost any pharmacy. This is because Pharmacy Coupons has secured its discounts through a strategic partnership with the top Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM). It does not require individual pharmaceutical companies or pharmacies to sign on to the program in order for customers to get discounts. So start saving and simply print out the coupons you require.