Sams Club Pharmacy

Sam’s Club Pharmacy is similar to a lot of prescription drugstores online and offers its customers a number of benefits. These include ease of tracking of prescriptions and easy refills where you can order up to 7 refills at one time. Customers looking to use Sam’s Club Pharmacy services are required to create an account which is a relatively easy process. Payments are made using Rx Express Pay. Members of Sam’s Club can buy most generic drugs for $4 for a month’s supply and $10 for a three-month supply. Plus members get certain additional benefits including up to 8% off on brand prescription drugs. They also get 40% off on several generic drugs. Five select prescriptions are given free to special ‘Plus’ members. These are 30 tablets of Donepezil, 30 tablets of Escitalopram, 30 tablets of Pioglitazone, 4 caps of Vitamin D 50,000 IU, and 30 tablets of Finasteride. Plus members not using prescription drug coverage save 10 to 30%. Optical discounts and cash rewards are some of the other benefits of becoming a Plus member. Sam’s Club business members and their families get various additional benefits. Sam’s Club Pharmacy guarantees that you’ll receive you prescriptions at the store in 20 minutes or less, skipping the wait you usually have at other pharmacies. At Pharmacy Coupons, there is no need to pay for the coupons or cards you print. All of Pharmacy Coupons’s services are free of charge. In contrast, people who really want to benefit from Sam’s Club Pharmacy are required to become a Plus member at least. This type of membership costs $100. Business Members and Savings Members pay $45. Customers looking to save on their prescription will first have to count subsequent savings through Sam’s Club Pharmacy off of their initial investment of $100 before they can begin to really pay less on their prescriptions.