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Drug Name: Rozerem
Brand Name(s): Rozerem
Generic Name(s): Ramelteon
Drug Class: Hypnotics-CNS Sedatives, Melatonin receptor Agonists
Treats: Sleep Onset Insomnia, Delayed sleep phase syndrome

ROZEREM (Ramelteon) is a hypnotic drug and sedative used primarily in the treatment of Sleep Onset Insomnia. It belongs to a new class of anti-insomnia drugs, which bind to Melatonin receptors in our brain, and acts as an agonist. In comparison with other conventional therapies, like GABA modulators, it offers important benefits since no cases of addiction and rebound effect have so far been reported.

Rozerem can also be called ramelteon which is freely soluble in organic solvents and very slightly soluble in water. It is a sedative drug that can be used to treat sleeplessness. It helps patients to fall asleep faster. Rozerem medicine can be used to treat delayed sleep disorder. It helps regulate your sleep-wake cycle.

Rozerem works by affecting natural substances in your body that regulate your sleeping cycle, making you fall asleep faster rather than staying awake all night. You should not use Rozerem if you are allergic or a have a severe liver disease and do not take the dose more frequently than prescribed.