Rite Aid Pharmacy

Rite Aid is one of the biggest pharmaceutical chains in the United States. As with all major pharmacies, Rite Aid’s pharmacy carries prescription and over-the-counter medication for their customers. What many people don’t know is that Rite Aid also offers various programs to help customers save money on their prescription drugs. Specifically, they offer the Rx Savings Program and Affordable Care Act Counselling, which are especially useful for people who don’t have insurance.

The Rx Savings Program has a number of benefits, including a card that you can present at any Rite Aid pharmacy to receive savings of at least 15% on select brand name prescriptions. The card can also be used to obtain 30-day supplies of select generics for $9.99 (or a 90-day supply for $15.99), as well as discounts on generic oral contraceptives.

The Affordable Care Act Counselling program allows people with Medicare Part D (also known as Medicaid) to speak to a registered counselor about how to obtain their prescription drugs for affordable prices, and what plans and services they might use to make sure they get the care they need. These counselors, which are free to use, can also help customers file for Medicaid and review their tax information.

Besides Rite Aid’s pharmacy programs, they also offer daily coupons for various products, including over-the-counter drugs and cold medications. You can find these coupons online at their site, or cut them out of your local newspaper. Putting all of these together, Rite Aid offers lots of way to save on your medications.

Through Pharmacy Coupons, you can become a smarter and richer Rite Aid shopper. The free-to-print coupons can be used at nearly any pharmacy, including any Rite Aid nationwide. All you have to do is search for your drug, print out the coupon, and bring it to your pharmacist to receive instant savings on your medication. Together, Pharmacy Coupons and Rite Aid make it easy to save, and even easier to get back to living your life.