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Drug Name: Renova
Generic Name(s): Tretinoin topical
Drug Class: Anti-wrinkle Agents
Treats: Helps in treating wrinkles, skin discoloration and roughness of skin

Renova is a form of vitamin A which helps in the improvement of skin color and texture. Renova can be helpful in reduction of skin wrinkles. Regular usage of Renova along with the sun protection system can help significantly improve the skin condition. However, Renova cannot be used to completely repair or reverse these symptoms of skin damage. Renova works by affecting the growth of skin cells and hence cannot reverse the ageing process. Also it takes the first 6 months to see noticeable impacts of Renova on skin.

Renova Pump is a prescription medication used to treat acne. Renova Pump may be indicated to improve the skin"s appearance by reducing thin lines and wrinkles.

Renova Pump should be used alongside a skin care and sun avoidance regimen that includes the everyday use of a moisturizer and an effective sunscreen.

Renova Pump is in a class of medications known as retinoids. Renova Pump works by improving the growth of skin cells. Renova Pump may also help keep skin pores clear and replace older skin with newer, smoother skin. Renova Pump does not reverse sun damage to the skin or aging caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight.