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Drug Name: Quick-Set Paradigm
Drug Class: Anti-diabetic
Treats: Diabetes

Quick-Set Paradigm is a set of drug and gadget that is used in controlling diabetes. The set is used in administering insulin to the patient by the intravenous method. The set is used with MiniMed Paradigm insulin pumps to help in pumping the insulin into the circulation system.

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Quick-Set Paradigm Uses

Quick-Set Paradigm is a crucial tool for controlling diabetes, especially where the insulin is to be administered by the infusion method. The gadget provides the easiest way of administering insulin to a patient that is in a critical condition or where they cannot move. It is the perfect mode of insulin administration for the weak diabetic patients. The set consists of a thin plastic tube that is used to deliver insulin from the infusion pump to a diabetic patient. The tube is typically replaced by the patient every three days. The usage of the set must be handled with a lot of care to ensure that insulin is getting into the body system as expected. Failure to this can lead to worsening of the condition.

These are conditions thatQuick-Set Paradigm can be used in:

  • Diabetes
  • Treatments that require infusion

Quick-Set Paradigm Dosage

The use of quick-set paradigm should be done with a lot of care. The infusion set or the plastic tube that is supposed to deliver the insulin should be inserted with a lot of care. The plastic tube should be inserted by a professional medical practitioner who so that they get a vein for proper insulin circulation. There can be a serious problem in cases the tube fails to get a vein or a blood vessel since it will be impossible for the insulin to get access to the circulation system in the right amounts. The amount of the diabetic drug will be determined by the type of drug or insulin the patient is using.

Dosage administration:

  • Insert the plastic tube in the veins
  • Put the insulin in the pump
  • Press the pump to release the drug into the body system.
  • The amount of insulin dosage to be released depends on the patient's condition.

Quick-Set Paradigm Side Effects

There are several side effects that are associated with Quick-Set Paradigm. One of the main side effects is the pain in the area where the infusion tube is inserted into the patient's body. The tissue around that area may also become swollen. In worse cases where the patient neglected or the tube is allowed to last for more than 3 days, there might be a bacterial infection. These are some of the possible side effects:

  • Pain
  • Swollen tissue
  • Bacterial infection

Quick-Set Paradigm Interactions

Quick-Set Paradigm does not interact with other drugs. The only thing that can cause interaction is the type of drug or insulin that the patient is using. Therefore, you must be very careful on the type of diabetic medicine or insulin they are using and the possible interactions. Make sure that you have enough information on the insulin being infused and check if it has any possible interactions. But the set has no established interactions so far.

  • No know interactions withQuick-Set Paradigm