Psychosomatic Medicine

Psychosomatic medicine was designed as a psychiatry that focuses on both the diagnosis and treatment ill patients. However, the world of modern health and the complex system that provides care is ever changing. This specialist now has an has an expanded role at the interface of medicine and psychiatry. Previously psychopathic medicine was linked to the clinical psychiatric care as well as education in the surgical settings and inpatient medication. Now it has advanced to practice in research, outpatient, academic, community and virtual settings. This is often found in non-clinical capacities such as policy development and multi-disciplinary leadership program.

The effective practitioner of psychosomatic medicine must be skillful and be able to work hand in hand with the colleagues to be able to provide care in challenging context of the emotions and patients that have comorbid psychiatric illness, those who are suffering from neuropsychiatric presentation of medical illness, or even both. The psychosomatic medicine practitioner does this to achieve wellness of the mind and the body of the patients that they are taking care of. For this reason, this specialty profession puts emphasis on the mind and body connection known as psyche-soma.

Psychosomatic medicine is a professional that is given a year training program for psychiatrist. These professionals should undergo training in psychiatric consultation and management of both medical and surgical patients. They are also trained to be able to give outpatient consultation as well as management to a diverse culturally array of patient that have primary care clinics. This training takes advantage of the unique blend of community and academic resources.

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