Psychiatry/Family Practice

Psychiatry/Family practice is a combination of two medical specialties: Psychiatry and family practice (also known as family medicine). Psychiatry is a medical specialty that focuses on the study, diagnosis and treatment of mental related conditions while family practice or family medicine is a specialty that has its focus on the general health care of individuals.

The certified physicians in psychiatry and family practice are focused on outpatient care for individuals of all ages. These physicians are primary caregivers and treat patients with psychiatric related conditions that may occur as a result of depression or other mental illnesses or conditions. Following a recent childbirth, young mothers may suffer from depression that requires the services of a professional who has specialized in psychiatry and family practice.

Professionals in the field of psychiatry and family practice also are flexible to operate with the inpatient care area and emergency care cases at medical health facilities. Knowledge from the psychiatry field equips the physicians with skills in the observation, testing, diagnosis and treatment of behavioral, perceptive, mental, addictive, and cognitive disorders. This specialty makes it more efficient and easier to the certified physicians as family medicine equips them with information on the patient in terms of their family medical history.

The combined treatment of psychiatry and family medicine has sprouted in the recent past as one of the most common modes of psychiatric treatment. Physicians are able to assist in the prevention of diseases in promotion of better health for the entire community. Psychiatry and family medicine is applied in the containment or treatment of the following related disorders: psychotic, mood, or anxiety disorders, substance abuse, and sexual and gender identity (especially dysmorphia), among others.

Physicians certified in this field are fully equipped with knowledge of the nature of social, biological and psychological conditions. Therapy offered from this type of specialty can be combined with other pharmaceutical medications.

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