The word psychiatry comes from Greek, in which ‘psych’ means soul, ‘-iatry’ refers to ‘medical treatment’. Thus, Psychiatry translates to the medical treatment of the soul.

Psychiatry is a medical specialization that deals with the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of mental illness and emotional problems. The doctor who specializes in this field of study is called a Psychiatrist. It is important to note here that a Psychiatrist is a doctor who has completed his study in a medical school and then specialized in the field of psychiatry. A psychologist, on the other hand, has a Ph.D. in Psychology. Since a psychiatrist is a doctor, he can prescribe medication while a Psychologist cannot.

The psychiatric procedure for diagnosis includes psychological testing, case history, neuroimaging, clinical studies, etc. Once a mental illness is diagnosed, the Psychiatrist decides on a treatment that may include psychotherapy, medication or hospitalization- based on the condition of the patient.

Psychiatrists may work in groups or have private practice and take up groups or individual patients. Most of these patients are outpatients who come for counseling or therapy for mild to moderate mental illnesses. Mostly, the treatment includes a combination of psychotherapy and medication. The psychotherapy may be cognitive behavioral therapy, psychodynamic therapy, etc., depending on the training of the psychiatrist.

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