Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing

Psychiatric mental health nursing is a specialty that is found in the healthcare world. These are registered nurses that work with communities, groups, families, and also individuals in assessing their mental needs. These mental health nurses tend to develop a nursing diagnosis and care plan that implement the nursing processes and has it evaluated for it to be effective.

Psychiatric health nursing practice registered nurses offer primary service and care to the psychiatric that have the mental health population. Psychiatric health nursing can access and diagnose as well as treat both families and individuals that have mental disorders or indicate potential of getting this disorder by using the full scope of the therapeutic skills. These skills are inclusive of prescription medicine and the admission of psychotherapy. These groups of people often own practices that are private and corporations as well as consulting with groups, communities, and legislators.

The practice of a registered nurse can earn a master’s doctoral degree in psychiatric mental health nursing. This nursing professional applies the nursing process to assess, diagnose, and treat individuals or group of people that have mental disorders. These mental health nursing professionals also contribute to the policy development, improvement of quality, practice evaluation, and identification of risk factors.

To become a registered nurse, one must at least undergo a 2-year program that leads to an associate degree in nursing. A three-year program in nursing is usually hospital based. A 4-year college or university program will usually lead to a bachelor’s degree. Graduates from all the above forums are eligible to undertake the registered nurse licensing examination that is done after graduation.

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