Let’s Get Physical: Pre-Workout Protein

Should you drink protein before or after a workout? You may drink protein or amino acids before or after exercising. You need protein for top-quality fitness as it helps in repairing and constructing cells. At the same time, people disagree on the appropriate time to get the maximum effect from a protein shake.

For many years, post-workout shakes have been considered the most important pieces of the workout puzzle. The latest research indicates, however, that consuming protein and amino acids prior to training can have beneficial effects. Here are some reasons.

Energize Your Muscles

Pre-workout protein, especially the branched chain amino acids (BCAAs), will help fuel your muscle during exercise. BCAAs do not need to be processed by the liver. Once absorbed, they head to your blood stream to be picked up by your muscles. This is very important because exercise causes the breakdown and oxidation of BCAAs. Offering BCAAs to operate muscles can stall your body’s need to catabolize the operating muscle itself.

Drinking protein before your exercise primes the pump. It starts protein synthesis during rather than after your workout. Pre-workout protein most likely increases amino acid delivery and uptake with the aid of muscles all through training. Protein inhibits muscle breakdown so total protein synthesis is expanded.

The intake of pre-workout BCAAs, especially when glycogen levels are low, results in an increase in fat burning during a in-depth exercise like metabolic training.

Burn More Calories

An analysis posted in Medicine and Science discovered that one scoop of milk whey protein before workout improved calorie burning for the next 24 hours. The precise motive for this growth in calorie burning is unknown, but it can be due to the introduced metabolic results of increasing protein and modifying energy sources used in the course of exercise. It’s alright to reap the advantages of the increased calorie burning without knowing the precise metabolic reason.

There’s also a carryover impact of nutrients taken within the pre-exercise period. After consuming protein, muscle protein synthesis can live elevated for three hours. Because of this, pre-exercising protein allows you to double dip: You gain the benefits of elevated blood amino acids in the course of your exercise session and a carryover of elevated blood amino acid levels after your workout. This elevation of blood amino acids can even assist in preventing extreme post-workout muscle breakdown.

Pre-workout Protein is the Best

The nutrients you consume during your exercises are essential for developing and refining your body. In case you skip pre-workout protein, you skip an opportunity to support muscle growth as well as reduce muscle breakdown.

Combining protein with carbohydrates before a workout can produce extra energy and result in favorable adjustments in body composition as compared to ingesting carbohydrates alone. Improved levels of amino acids within the blood from ingestion of amino acids before or during exercise, instead of after workout, might also counter the net loss of muscle protein.

In reality, much less tissue breakdown might also occur and create a greater anabolic environment. Consequently, a mixture of amino acids through a protein or amino acid supplement may be consumed to increase amino acid availability and carbohydrates to stimulate insulin release pre-workout. As long as you are getting enough dietary protein during the day, you should take pre-workout protein.

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