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Drug Name: Plavix
Generic Name(s): clopidogrel
Drug Class: Antiplatelet Drugs
Treats: Stroke Risk Reduction, Heart Attack

Plavix is used to prevent one"s blood from clotting, therefore reducing the risk of a stroke and a heart attack by a significant amount. Plavix works by preventing platelets from clumping together.

Plavix is a medicine used in the treatment of various cardiovascular states. It can, for example, be used in the treatment of coronary artery disease, cerebrovascular disease, and the prevention of stroke. Plavix is commonly used in patients who have undergone PCI surgery after suffering a heart attack - to prevent the formation of new clots.

Plavix works by preventing clot formation, an effect it achieves by irreversibly inhibiting the P2Y12 receptor. This receptor is located on platelets and, by inhibiting it, platelets lose their ability to coalesce and clot.

Common side effects with Plavix include bleeding (including nosebleeds), chest pain, numbness or weakness, slurred speech, and tarry stools.