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Drug Name: Phenol
Brand Name(s): Chloraseptic
Drug Class: Analgesic/Antiseptic Combination
Treats: Sore mouth, Sore throat pain, Pain resulting from canker sores, Modest mouth irritation

Phenol is a drug used in treating various conditions of the mouth. It is a combination drug which contains an analgesic and an anesthetic as the main ingredients. Phenol is an oral medication which numbs the irritated or painful areas. The irritation or pain results from conditions which Phenol numbs quickly and efficiently.

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Phenol Uses

Phenol is a combination drug used in treating specific conditions of the mouth. It contains an analgesic which is a pain reliever. Phenol drug also contains an anesthetic which causes a temporary loss of body sensations. The combination of the two ingredients, namely analgesic and anesthetic, makes up Phenol, which is a powerful drug capable of creating a numbing effect quickly. Numbing normally occurs in the irritated or painful parts in the mouth and results to a relief. Phenol treats the conditions listed below. All the conditions occur in the mouth.

  • Sore mouth
  • Sore throat pain
  • Pain resulting from canker sores
  • Modest mouth irritation


Phenol Dosage

Phenol should be taken according to a prescription made by a medical professional. One should not alter the dosage not unless directed so. Phenol also comes with a label which can guide you when taking the drug. In case you suspect any overdose, report to a medical professional immediately or call the relevant authority. The following is a common Phenol dosage. You should use it under normal conditions.

  • Apply one spray to the affected area and let it remain there for around 15 seconds before spitting it out. Use it every 2 hours

Pediatrics 3 years and older

  • Apply one spray to the affected area and let it remain there for around 15 seconds before spitting it out. Use it every 2 hours

Phenol Side Effects

Many people may experience little or no side effects when using Phenol. Any side effect of this drug which shows up should disappear tardily as your body adapts to the medication. In case any unknown side effect shows up, stop taking the drug and notify you doctor immediately. The following are the common side effects of Phenol. They may not need medical attention not unless they become severe or bothersome.

  • Tongue numbness
  • Cheeks numbness
  • Mouth numbness

The following side effects are serious and you should seek immediate medical attention if you notice any of them.

  • Vomiting
  • Fever
  • Breath shortness
  • Nausea
  • Severe allergic reactions


Phenol Interactions

Phenol may interact with other drugs. Drug interactions may result to the development of new side effects or facilitate the severity of the common ones. An interaction should therefore not be taken without the doctor's consent. No drugs have yet been termed as the interactions of Phenol. This however does not mean that it cannot interact with some drugs. You should check with your doctor for the possible drug interactions of Phenol. It is also advisable to take a list of all the drugs you are using and show it to your doctor for the confirmation of any possible interaction.

  • No known interactions with;Phenol