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Step 1: Mail A Discount Card

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Step 2: Print A Temporary Discount Card

Print out this discount card and show it to your pharmacist to start saving up to 75% off your prescription!

Pharmacy Coupons Discount Card
  1. Put this card in your wallet.
  2. Bring it to the pharmacy.
  3. Save money off your prescription!
BIN: 005947
GRP: 1858DGT
UID: BBB073880

How To Use Your Pharmacy Discount Card

  1. Ready for your discount? First, just print out your discount card from our site. Then bring it to any pharmacy in the United States.
  2. Once you’ve printed out discount card, give the card to your pharmacist and check with them to see what discounts are available for your prescription.
  3. From there, collect your prescription and save up to 75%. It’s that simple!

Pharmacist Instructions:

This discount card is already activated. According to state and federal law, this card or coupon will allow the user to save on all prescription benefits linked with the BIN, GRP and PCN codes. Please note, this card or coupon is not insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my pharmacy doesn’t accept this prescription discount card?
If a pharmacy has issues processing or won’t accept the card or coupon, give us a call at (855) 382-1280. We’ll try and sort out everything for you. For the most part, the problems will be resolved with no issues.
Does the card work with my health insurance?
Our discount card or coupons can NOT be used to lower your current health insurance’s co-pay. But fear not, our discount card may actually provide you with a lower price than your health insurance. To find the best possible price between our discount card and your co-pay, please speak with your pharmacist.
Does this discount card work at any pharmacy?
Pretty much! From the major chains to your small local pharmacy, our discount card can be brought to nearly any pharmacy across the country. However, please note that the discounts will vary depending on the pharmacy you chose. For the best prices, contact your nearby pharmacies for the best discounts.
Will the discount card work if I am uninsured?
You bet! In order to use our discount card, you’ll only need a prescription. Therefore, our discount card is perfect for those who are currently uninsured as you won’t have to suffer from the full price of prescriptions.
Can I use this card with my insurance?
Unfortunately, our discount card does not work with insurance. Nor does it act as insurance. However, our discount cards may provide you with a better price than your current co-pay with your insurance. Just check with your pharmacist first for the best prices.
Please keep in mind:
Our prescription discount card will work at over 50,000 pharmacies all over the U.S with all of your family’s prescriptions. Most importantly, our discount cards and coupons are completely free with absolutely no hidden fees.