Pfizer Patient Assistance

For over 25 years, Pfizer Inc. and the Pfizer Patient Assistance Foundation have worked to ensure that individuals with or without insurance and on a limited income are not without the medications they need. Pfizer RxPathways, formerly Pfizer Helpful Answers, provides eligible people access to the company’s special programs.

Pfizer Patient Assistance offers help with co-pay (terms and conditions apply), insurance counseling, and free or reduced cost medications. There are no sign-up or membership fees associated with these programs. They have also designed their plans to augment insurance plans that are proffered by state and federal governing bodies. Both Medicare and Medicaid recipients may very well qualify for assistance and, therefore, should not shy away from speaking with a Pfizer RxPathways counselor.

Pfizer Patient Assistance works with prospective applicants to determine if they are the right fit for what Pfizer RxPathways has to offer. They are knowledgeable and can often provide information that will help the applicant to save money in relation to their prescription needs. Pfizer Patient Assistance has been responsible for estimated savings of 15%-75%* by patients. There is an application (and verification paperwork) that will need to be filled out and mailed or faxed to Pfizer RxPathways.

Pfizer Patient Assistance used in conjunction with Pharmacy Coupons may save an individual even more money on their prescription costs. There is no mandatory registration and the service is free. Pharmacy Coupons partners with the top Pharmacy Benefit Manager in the country. This enables them to offer discounts that can save patients up to 75%* on prescription drugs.  You can follow the simple instructions to search for coupons offering discounts on a large number of medications. Pharmacy Coupons also gives you the option of using their pharmacy discount card. While this cannot be used in addition to a co-pay, this discount will often have you paying less than the typical copay.

There is help out there. Pfizer Patient Assistance and Pharmacy Coupons are just two of the many companies working to make prescription medicine attainable for those that find the cost prohibitive. Used separately, or together, their plans and discount offerings are saving a large segment of the population money on the prescription drugs they need.