Patient Assistant Programs

The majority of drug and pharmaceutical companies offer patient assistance and drug discount programs to assist patients in buying their medications for a discounted rate or receiving them at no charge. Each state has a different system for these patient assistance programs. Therefore, you should check your state website and search for prescription programs available in your area.

Most patient assistance programs come in the form of drug prescription discount programs, offered by individual drug manufacturers, such as AbbVie or Pfizer. Under these prescription discount programs, patients can receive their medications for a reduced cost, or even for free. However, there is usually an application to fill out that must include income and tax information, a letter from your doctor, and a letter from your insurance provider proving that you have a medical need for the drugs you’ve applied for, as well as an inability to pay for them on your own. After submitting your application to the patient prescription assistance program, it will be reviewed, and a decision will be made about your eligibility to receive help with your prescription drugs.

Patient assistance programs (PAPs) are sometimes available on specific drugs only, and applied for through online or mail-in forms. These types of programs, geared toward specific drugs, are usually discount programs, not financial assistance programs where you can receive drugs for free based on lack of income. In these drug discount programs, you usually receive a rebate or a voucher or coupon to use at your pharmacy in order to receive money off of your purchase or a percentage reduction in the cost of the prescription drugs.

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