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Drug Name: Papfyll
Generic Name(s): Chlorophyllin Copper Complex
Drug Class: Kinase inhibitor
Treats: Brain injury, wounds and ulcers

Papfyll is for external use only. It is commonly used by neuron surgeons. This medication is for brain treatment. Papfyll (Chlorophyllin) removes dead tissue and thinning the pus in burns, wounds and ulcers. Papfyll is an effective medication which is commonly used in the world for the reasons mentioned above.

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Papfyll Uses

As earlier stated, Papfyll (chlorophyllin copper complex) is used in brain injury treatment. It is a debriding agent. Its main function is to remove dead tissue and thinning the pus in ulcers, wounds and burns.The neurosergeons have seen its effectiveness during their operations. It works by breaking down the dead skin and pus. This helps to improve the recovery of open wound. The wound takes less time to heal and the scar does not last for long too. Papfyll (chlorophyllin copper complex) also controls wound inflammation and odor.

  • Brain injury and wounds treatment

Papfyll Dosage

Papfyll is for external use only. Papfyll foam dosage should always be prescribed by a profession medic. Papfyll dosage is the same for pediatrics and adults. The dosage is as follows:

  • Shake well before use. Make sure that you point away from yourself and others then press down on the nozzle for about 5 seconds or until the foam appears.
  • Apply one layer directly to the wound as directed by the doctor.
  • Cover the wound with a clean dressing and wipe extra foam off of the nozzle.

NB If Papfyll foam gets into eyes or mouth make sure that you take an action immediately. Rinse right away using running cool water.

Papfyll Side Effects

Generally all drugs have both wanted and unwanted side effects and Papfyll is not an exemption. Most of these unwanted side effects are common and mild. Therefore, Papfyll mild effects should not cause any trouble. These mild effects do not last long for they cease gradually as the body gets used to medication. In case of any severe side effect experienced after using Papfyll it is always advisable to inform the doctor promptly. The following are Papfyll side effects:

  • Irritation
  • Transient burning sensation

Papfyll Interactions

Just like any other drug, Papfyll has interactions. Every consumer is advised to inform the professional medic of any prescription, non prescription, and herbal or over the counter drugs that he or she has recently used. This information is very important for it helps the medic in determining the right medication for the patient. These drugs may cause more serious side effects or alter the functioning of Papfyll. The list below shows some of Papfyll interactions

  • Silver Nitrate Topical
  • Orajel Antiseptic Mouth Sore Rinse
  • Peroxyl
  • Silvadene
  • SSD AF
  • SilvrSTAT
  • Silver/ Zinc Oxide Topical
  • Mersol