Otology or neurotology is a field of medicine that deals with head and neck surgery. Otologists and neurotologists can be conducted to pediatric and adults that have a problem with the nose, ear, throat, or neck. The doctors that perform these procedures are commonly referred to as ENT physicians. Otolaryngology needs to undergo extra training after medical school before attaining this title. After the training, the doctor will be able to handle sinusitis, mouth and throat cancer, allergy, voice and swallowing problems, and many other complications that arise from the structure of the head to the neck. This specialty is broad, that is the reason that it can take up to three years of training and extensive extermination before a neurology doctor is certified. These subspecialties include sinus surgery, otolaryngology in children, facial plastic. Head and neck cancer surgery, reconstructive surgery, laryngology, and skull based surgery.

Otology and neurotology specialists have to provide the certification that indicates that these professionals have attained the training that is required to get this title.

An individual should also know what kind of otology doctor that they need. Otology is a wide field and other than the general training, there are those doctors who go study in depth a certain sub-specialty. To get the best otology doctor, find the one who has trained in the field that is connected with your condition. This will help you get the best care.

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