Orthopedics is a medical specialty that focuses on diseases and injuries affecting the musculoskeletal system. This includes all the tendons, joints, ligaments, muscles, bones and affiliated nerves. It is also focused on movement and physical activity. This branch of medicine initially cared for pediatric patients with limb and spine problems but has grown and advanced over the years to now cater for patients of all ages. Orthopedic doctors treat patients with rheumatic disease, chronic pain, musculoskeletal injuries and arthritis among other conditions.

The training of an orthopedic surgeon or physician takes a number of years. An orthopedic physician needs at least four years of undergraduate training, four years at medical school and about five years of study in orthopedic residency at a recognized major medical center. There is also a year of specialized education in orthopedics. Once all this study and specialized training is complete, the physician will need to pass written and practical exams given by the board. There is also plenty of continuous study for all orthopedic physicians and surgeons each year, ensuring they are up to date with current technology and skills.

An orthopedic surgeon or physician will diagnose an injury or other musculoskeletal disorders. Upon proper diagnosis using various diagnostic and observation techniques, a treatment program will follow. This may include medication, exercises or surgery. Rehabilitation may be recommended via exercises or physical therapy. Most orthopedic doctors also advise their patients on how to prevent further injuries and how to slow any progression of diseases. In some cases, surgical treatment is necessary. Common types of orthopedic surgery include joint replacement, osteotomy, internal fixation, arthroscopy, and fusion.

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