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Drug Name: Optichamber
Treats: Inhaled drug delivery system

Optichamber is device that designed to help the patient administer the dosage through the mouth accurately and easily. It is a small valve holding chamber (VHC) device in pMDI and other medications. The device is designed in manner to combine the dosage with air pressure so can go down the throat easily. Optichamber is mostly used by patients with respiratory problems.

Optichamber is a medical device that is used to deliver aerosol therapy efficiently. Aerosol therapy is used to treat a variety of breathing conditions such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD). Optichamber works by ensuring that medicine is delivered rapidly and directly into the airways for faster relief.

Optichamber suspends the aerosol longer, allowing the patient more time to inhale the medication. Optichamber also reduces systemic toxicity during the delivery of medicines. Additionally, Optichamber provides a tight seal to lower the leakage of medication on the patient"s face.