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Drug Name: Ogestrel
Drug Class: Progestin + estrogen
Treats: Endometriosis, painful periods, absence of menstrual periods, birth control, ovary cysts, abnormally heavy and long periods.It also treats abnormal uterus bleeding, acne, postcoital contraception, defective ovary internal secretion, excessive hairiness and premenstrual disorder.

Ogestrel (Norgestrel and Ethinyl Estradiol) is a combination medication that includes feminine hormones that hinder an ovum release from the ovary (ovulation). Ogestrel belongs to a class of drugs known as contraceptives and has various brand names; Ogestrel-28, Cryselle 28, Low-Ogestrel, and Lo/Ovral-28. The medication acts as a contraception and prevents pregnancy.

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Ogestrel Uses

Ogestrel, a combination hormone medicine, is used to prevent pregnancy. Ogestrel has two hormones known as estrogen and progestin. Ogestrel functions by inhibiting the release of (ovulation) an ovum during the menstrual cycle. Ogestrel causes changes in the uterine lining and cervical mucus. It thickens vaginal fluid hindering the process of fertilization from taking place and also makes it harder for the attachment of a fertilized ovum to the uterus. The fertilized egg instead leaves the body.

These pills also reduce cases of painful periods and blood loss in addition to making your periods regular. Ogestrel treats acne and reduces the risk of developing ovarian cysts.

  • Birth control
  • Acne
  • Ovarian cysts

Ogestrel Dosage

Ogestrel dosage is dependent on the individual that it is being administered to. The following dosage is an average dose and could differ among individuals. Follow your medical professional's directions for best results.

For contraception, endometriosis, gonadotropin, and abnormal uterine bleeding:

Ogestrel products consist of 21 or 28 days dosage packages. In 28 day's dosage, the last seven tablets are hormonally inert.

  • For oral contraceptives, you should take the tablets for 28 days that commences as menstrual bleeding starts.
  • For postcoital contraception: Take two tablets of Ethinyl estradiol-norgestrel 50 mcg-500 mcg (Ovral) after having unprotected sex (not later than 72 hours), and then after 12 hours, take two more tablets.
  • Take four tablets of Ethinyl estradiol-norgestrel 30 mcg-300 mcg (Lo/Ovral) after having unprotected sex (not later than 72 hours), and then after 12 hours, take four more tablets

Ogestrel Side Effects

Like any other drug, Ogestrel may cause side effects. You should contact your doctor if you suffer any severe side effects. Below you will find a list of Ogestrel side effects. Note that not all possible side effects are listed here.

Common side effects:

  • Acne
  • Weight changes
  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Breast enlargement and tenderness
  • Nervousness
  • Breakthrough bleeding or vaginal spotting

Severe side effects:

  • Breast discharge
  • Lack of menstrual period
  • Breast lumps
  • Blood coughing
  • Migraines
  • Fainting
  • Depression

Ogestrel Interactions

Like any other drug, Ogestrel may interact with other drugs and substances. You should consult with your doctor or medical professional before adding any new medication, including over the counter drugs. Below is a list of drugs that have been known to interact with Ogestrel. Note that this list does not include all possible drug interactions.