Obstetrics is a medical specialty or health profession that specifically deals with childbirth, pregnancy and the post-natal period. There are two types of professionals in obstetrics, the obstetrician and the midwife. Obstetrics is closely associated with gynecology; these two professions specialize in women’s health. An obstetrician’s work is to prevent, diagnose and treat health problems or conditions associated with pregnancy

Obstetricians usually focus on prenatal care of those who are pregnant and the unborn child, childbirth, postnatal care and care of the newborn. They also focus on conditions such as cancers of the breast and cervix, urinary tract infections and disorders, hormonal and pelvic disorders. They also treat and counsel women throughout their pregnancy. This treatment begins with pre-natal examinations and diagnosis and continues through the delivery of a baby and the relevant care of the mom and newborn. Obstetricians possess special skills, knowledge, and the appropriate professional capability for the care of women and expectant mothers and associated conditions. They serve as consultants to many regular GPs and physicians.

Obstetrics is sub-divided into various specialties. These include special areas of interest such as fertility care, high-risk obstetrics and so on. Other specialties include critical care medicine, hospice and palliative medicine and maternal and fetal medicine. Many obstetrics practitioners are also gynecologists. Many uncomplicated deliveries and care of low-risk mothers are left to midwives. The obstetrician comes in when there is a complicated case such as the need for a cesarean section delivery, a planned procedure or an emergency case. There are many new techniques and procedures that have been developed over the last thirty years. These have completely transformed the care, delivery and treatment of mothers, those who are pregnant, and newborns.

Some of these advances in medicine include the use of improved ultrasound techniques. These have led to great improvements in the care of patients. People can now find a local obstetrician in their neighborhood online. The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has a useful search tool on their site, and this search tool can be used to find a nearby obstetrician across most major cities and towns.

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