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Drug Name: Nuvaring
Generic Name(s): ethinyl estradiol, etonogestre
Drug Class:
Estrogen + Progestin Combinations
Treats: Birth Control

Nuvaring is a vaginal ring used to prevent pregnancy. Nuvaring works by containing the hormones etonogestrel and ethinyl estradiol which prevent a woman"s egg from developing every month.

Nuvaring is used by women as a birth control option. It can be described as a small, flexible contraceptive ring that is the size of a dollar. This ring has the same hormones that you will find in most birth control pills.

A woman is supposed to insert it into her vagina for 3 weeks. This duration will see it releasing a steady, low dose of hormones. The woman can remove the ring for 1 week during the time she will be having her periods.

When used correctly, Nuvaring prevents almost all the pregnancies. Its efficiency is between 98%-99% meaning that out of 100 people, only 1-2 women who use it will get pregnant by accident.