Nurse Practitioner

A nurse practitioner (NP) is an advanced practice-registered nurse who has received clinical education and advanced coursework training that is far beyond that of the general Registered Nurse (RN). As part of their training programs, nurse practitioners acquire decision-making skills, clinical competence and knowledge that enables them to take on more complex conditions and responsibilities than registered nurses. Nurse practitioners are usually university graduates with a relevant degree in advanced practice nursing.

Nurse practitioners manage various medical conditions whether chronic, acute or mild. They perform focused and comprehensive physical examinations, diagnose and treat injuries and acute illnesses. They are able to manage chronic conditions such as diabetes, blood pressure, depression and others. Nurse practitioners can order, read and interpret laboratory tests and diagnostic tests such as X-rays and also prescribe therapies and medication. They can also advise and counsel patients and their families on matters such as treatment options, diet, and lifestyle.

Nurse practitioners may work in a variety of settings. These include pediatrics, women’s health, emergency, cardiology, geriatrics, oncology, primary care, school health, neonatology, nephrology and many others. Some work in conjunction with doctors as part of a healthcare team. Many others work in clinics without doctor supervision. Across the USA, nurse practitioners can prescribe medication including controlled substances. They can also perform certain procedures such as bone marrow biopsies.

While most nurse practitioners work in clinics, hospitals, office practices and managed care institutions, many others work in rural settings, college clinics, urban health centers and for companies in the healthcare industry. Many others teach in schools, some serve in government agencies and others have their own private practices. They also participate widely in the formulation of healthcare policy at local, state and national levels.

It is possible to locate and find a good nurse practitioner in the US. They are found across all 50 US states. The American Association of Nurse Practitioners or AANP provides a useful online resource that anyone can use to locate and find a nurse practitioner in their neighborhood.

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