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Drug Name: Nilandron
Generic Name(s): Nilutamide
Drug Class: Antiandrogens
Treats: Prostate cancer

Nilandron belongs to a class of drugs known as Antiandrogens. Nilandron works in the body preventing the actions of male hormones (androgens)

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Nilandron Uses

Nilandron is used to treat prostate cancer in men and is used after the removal of testicles or with other medications. Nilandron belongs to a drug class known as Antiandrogens. Testosterone is a natural hormone that helps the prostate cancer to grow and spread the prostate cancer.

Nilandron works by blocking effects of testosterone, and it thereby slows down the spread and growth of the prostate cancer.

  • Prostate cancer

Nilandron Dosage

Nilandron should be taken orally with or without food once daily. For patients who undergo surgery, the dose should be started on the day of surgery or even the day after. Your health professional may decrease the dose after 30 days of the treatment. The dosage usually depends on the medical condition and your response to therapy. The period of the treatment depends on how the body and the cancer defect responds to the drug and other treatments.

  • Adults should take one daily dose of 300mg or 30 days.
  • Following 30 days, take 150mg a day

The medication should regularly used in order to get better benefits from it. To help you remember taking the drug you should actually take it at the same time daily. Never stop taking Nilandron unless the doctor advice so. If you stop taking the medication, the cancer will spread more rapidly.

Nilandron Side Effects

Since Nilandron is used with other medications the side effects might be due to any of the medicine or the combination of the medications. If the following side effects become bothersome you should seek medical attention promptly:

  • Hot flashes
  • Sweating
  • Dizziness
  • Loss of sexual desires
  • Vision changes
  • Stomach pains
  • Constipation
  • Loss of body hair

Liver defects may occur at any time while taking Nilandron, but these effects tend to occur during the first three to four months of the treatment.

Nilandron Interactions

Drug interactions are rare to occur but also they are possible. The doctor or pharmacist may often prevent the interactions to occur by changing on how you use the medications. In order for your pharmacist to give you the best care you should tell him or her about all the prescriptions and non-prescriptions, herbal and vitamins products that you are using. Nilandron may interact with the following medications: