Neurotology is a branch of otolaryngology that deals with the conditions that affect the balance system, skull base, ears, temporal bone, and the related structures of the head and the neck. Neurotology doctors are known as a neurotologist, and they treat both adults and children.

These doctors are knowledgeable about the basic science of balance, hearing, nerve function, infectious disease, and the anatomy of the head and the neck. These doctors use medical and surgical skills to treat hearing issues, tinnitus, facial nerve disorder, infectious and inflammatory disease of the ear, congenital malformations of the ear, hearing nerve, tumors of the ear and the skull base. Since neurotology is a subsection of the neurosurgery, they can examine and manage diseases and disorders that are found in the cranial nerves and the skull base.

For these physicians to be an otolaryngologist, they must complete medical school, which usually takes four years. Then they should enroll a year in general surgery training where if they pass, they join otolaryngology training that goes for four years. After four years, they are given a test that they must pass by the American Board of Otolaryngology examination. For those who want to specialize in neurotology, they must continue their education with additional training that takes 1-3 years before being given this certificate.

Before visiting an otology doctor, ensure that they are qualified, and they have the certification to prove it. They should also have a license that allows them to operate in the country. This indicates that they are legal and accepted by the state. You can choose a general neurotologist doctor or one that is qualified in a certain field; this will depend on your conditions and medical needs.

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