Neuropsychology is a medical specialty that studies how the human brain and nervous system can interfere with the human function on a daily basis. Neuropsychology aims at fully understanding how different brain components can perform their duties. This specialty makes use of a number of assessment methods to evaluate function and dysfunction and applies the knowledge acquired to give treatment and rehabilitate patients with neurological or psychological problems or those suspected to have such problems.

A neuropsychologist is an expert in the psychology field with special experience in the applied science of brain-behavior relationships. These specialists use this knowledge to evaluate, diagnose and treat or rehabilitate patients with neurological, psychiatric, medical and neurodevelopmental conditions, in addition to other learning and cognitive disorders. This expert performs neuropsychology through the use of neurological, psychological, behavioral, cognitive and psychological techniques, tests and principles to evaluate patients behavioral, neurocognitive, and emotional strengths and weaknesses. A neuropsychologist also examines the patient’s central nervous system for any sign of abnormal functionality. The neuropsychologist combines information collected during the assessing process and information from other medical providers to identify and implement any intervention strategies or diagnose the neurobehavioral disorders in the patient. Neuropsychologists are independent healthcare providers in clinical psychology and neuropsychology.

The neuropsychology field became a popular one after World War II when doctors discovered that they needed to adjust the treatment given to war veterans who were suffering from PTSD and other ramifications from combat. Modern neuropsychology traces its root to the late 19th century when the first neuropsychologists assessed humans and animals with brain and nervous system injuries. This specialty has grown since then, with the understanding of how the brain influences the human cognitive functions and behaviors being left in the hands of neuropsychology. Though neuropsychology is a subspecialty of clinical psychology, what distinguishes neuropsychology from psychology is an extensive knowledge of the human brain.

The American Academy of Clinical Neuropsychology (AACN) continues supporting standards in Clinical Neuropsychology, through the establishment of a board certification process. To find the best doctors, patients can visit and access professional neuropsychologists who have been approved by the board. Neuropsychology may involve the use of a number of medications including brain and central nervous system drugs. Pharmacy Coupons offers these drugs together with many others at the best offers. You can save money on the prescriptions you need for your conditions today. Simply search for your prescription, print out the coupon and bring it to your local pharmacy to save money today.