Neuropathology is a medical specialty that studies nervous tissue disorders and diseases. A neuropathologist is a doctor who focuses on the central nervous system (CNS), which consists of the spinal cord and brain. Neuropathology can also include the peripheral nervous system that comprises the nerves outside the central nervous system. Common symptoms of nerve dysfunction include nerve pain, neuralgia, abnormal numbness, sensations or tingling. A neuropathologist specializes in the diagnosis of disorders using biopsies of nervous tissue. Biopsy involves removal and examination of tissue to establish the cause and type of the illness. These samples can be examined using a microscope or by a neurosurgeon in the operation room. Neuropathology can examine varying sizes of tissues ranging from small samples to the entire brain.

Typically, biopsies are performed on the living, but in another neuropathology branch, the tissues are examined on the dead to deeply understand the progression of the disease. This method of tissue removal is carried out during autopsy. Other neuropathologists may perform muscle biopsies, which help in diagnosing peripheral nerve problems, mostly due to conditions like amyloidosis and vasculitis.

 Neuropathology has two main objectives: to aid in the recovery of normal nerve functions or to eliminate and prevent the symptoms of nerve dysfunction and to understand the process of nerve disease. The American Association of Neuropathologists (AANP), which was established in early 1930’s to advance the practice of neuropathology, has a detailed database on neuropathology. Customers can visit to access a large database of experts in neuropathology and choose the best doctors.

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