National Pie Day: Healthy and Delicious Recipes

national pie day
Pie is undoubtedly among America’s favorite desserts and a classic any time during the year. Be it fruity, creamy or laced with chocolate, a sweet pie is certain to educe raves from friends and family. However, despite the fact that most pies have a fat-filled buttery crust and are high in sugar, with a few improvements to the crust and filling, they can be pretty healthy with minimal sugar and more vitamins, protein and fiber. This is especially the case when they use fresh fruits or vegetables. Fresh fruits are by far the richest sources of nutrients which include vitamins that act as antioxidants. Some of the healthy pie options and recipes are as discussed below.

Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin pie reigns supreme as the best choice for your pie with regard to nutritional benefits. A single slice delivers about two hundred and fifty percent of an individual’s daily value of Vitamin A, which is essential for maintaining bone, eye and skin health. Additionally, it also gives you about two grams of fiber per serving as well as ten percent of your daily value of calcium. You can also blend the pumpkin with chocolate to make a pumpkin chocolate mousse pie. Make a typical pumpkin pie healthier by replacing cream with coconut milk. It only requires some mixing, blending and spreading, and you’ll have yourself a sweet, healthy and nutritious dessert.

Apple Pie

Each serving of apple pie gives you about two grams of fiber. However, apple pies have an added health benefit as the apples contain pectin, a soluble fiber that aids in lowering cholesterol. Apples also have the antioxidant effect of flavonoids, which are associated with the health of the heart and the lungs. To make this pie more nutritional, you can turn the apple pie into a crisp and top with oats for crunch. This helps to reduce the fat and calories of a traditional crust, as well as adding fiber which is essential for weight management, lowering cholesterol and heart health among other health benefits.

Blueberry Pie

When considering the nutritional health benefits of your pie, blueberry pie is with no doubt a contender at the top of the list. Either frozen or fresh, blueberries are very rich in antioxidants including anthocyanins, whose effects include controlling inflammation, improving brain function and protecting cells from oxidative stress. Another health benefit of blueberries is that they aid in slowing down the aging process by reducing wrinkles, strengthening the nails and enhancing the appearance of the hair. For added nutritional value, you can also turn your berries crisp and use oats as a topping for crunch. This will not only add fiber, but also reduce fat and calories.

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

Just like most other berries, strawberries are very nutritious and go hand in hand with rhubarb. A combination of these two makes a fancy, healthy and nutritious pie in a super-easy technique. For the filling, you can use fresh or frozen strawberries in combination with sliced fresh or frozen rhubarb. Try adding instant tapioca or one tablespoon of lemon juice to enhance the taste. Among the nutrients availed in a single serving of this pie include potassium, sodium, fiber, carbohydrates and proteins. It will also give you seventy percent and sixteen percent of your daily value of vitamin C and Folate respectively.