Multi specialty (group )

Multispecialty group comprises of a group of doctors from different specialties – each an expert in a particular aspect of medicine – who are employed by the same organization. It is impossible for a single physician to know everything, but through collaboration, patients receive comprehensive medical treatment that is efficient and thorough. This is done by employing systems that assist physicians to deliver high-quality and coordinated care. For instance, the group will have physicians in rare specialties such as pediatric gastroenterology or transplant surgery which may be unavailable in smaller, less diverse practices. Group practices can assemble a team of physicians and other experts to meet the unique medical needs of a patient.

Multispecialty group seeks to bring together physicians from different aspects of medicine to promote, encourage and enhance communication through collaboration and peer review, leading to high-quality care. This system is particularly beneficial to patients with multiple or complex medical problems. The group offers integrated services where a patient can schedule appointments with several doctors on the same day at one location therefore saving on time. The setting aids the physicians to specialize in a particular area and become experts to handle and treat unusual medical problems. It also reduces the risk of complications since the patient is attended to by physicians who have built a practice that provides a full spectrum of specialty.

Patients are encouraged to choose multispecialty group if their medical problem could benefit from specialists in more than one discipline. The system will be beneficial to patients who require major surgery since there is a large investment in expert physicians, equipment, and knowledge. A patient will also find it rewarding to consult a multi specialty group if they are suffering from rare or atypical disease, a problem that has not been diagnosed, need to be transferred from another hospital, have complicated problems such as heart disease, cancer or stroke, have an implanted medical device such as a pacemaker or need a second opinion.

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