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Drug Name: Miralax
Generic Name(s): Polyethylene glycol
Drug Class: Osmotic laxatives
Treats: Constipation

Miralax is a laxative solution whose role is to control digestion along the intestines. The drughelps in increasing the amount of water in the digestive tract hence allowing for proper digestion. Miralax works as an anti-constipation agent since it facilitates smooth flow of digestive materials.

Miralax is combination medicine that is used in clearing out the bowel before surgery. It is a bowel cleaning solution that works by causing the large intestine to produce a watery stool to empty the bowel. Miralax is only prescribed to patients after surgery to ensure anything that can cause an infection has been removed.

Miralax is supplied in the form of a solution, and thus, it should be administered orally.  Not all patients can be administered with this drug since it can cause severe side effects. Patients with any stomach or bowel problems, allergic to the drug should not be prescribed this medication. Bloating, nausea, vomiting and rectal irritation are some of the possible side effects.