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Drug Name: Metanx
Generic Name(s): Mecobalamin, Levomefolate Calcium, Pyridoxal Phosphate
Drug Class: Multuvitamin and mineral supplements
Treats: Nutritional deficiency, diabetic neuropathy

Metanx is a medicine that is used for managing hyperhomocysteinemia and diabetic neuropathy. Metanx is a supplement to your normal diet. It might also be used in other conditions depending on what your doctor has told you. Metanx is a combination of vitamins and it is used to provide supplementation that is nutritional for certain nutritional requirements.

Metanx (l-methylfolate with vitamins B6 and B12) is a combination vitamin and medical food that treats vitamin deficiency. Two critical vitamins formulate this drug, B12 and B6. Metanx may also be used as a supplement to those who do not get an adequate amount of vitamins from their diet.

Metanx is a combination of vitamins, and it works by providing the body with the necessary nutritional values. It helps the patient to attain the nutritional requirements of vitamins.

Metanx is supplied in the form of tablets, and it should be administered by mouth with or without food or as per the doctor"s instructions. It is advisable to use Metanx regularly if you want to get the best out of it especially if you have a problem meeting the required nutritional index.