Massage Therapy

Massage therapy for health purposes dates back thousands of years. Accounts of its use have been found in ancient writings and cultures, including those of Ancient Egypt, Greece Rome, the Orient and the Indian subcontinent. More and more people are benefiting daily, and therefore massage therapy is increasingly being embraced as an alternative medical treatment. Benefits of massage therapy include elimination of pain to a limited extent, improvement in blood circulation, relief from musculoskeletal aches and pains. There are over 80 types of massage therapy. In each of them, therapists use massage techniques such as pressing, rubbing, and manipulating of muscles and other soft tissues of the body. They most often use their hands and fingers, but may use their forearms, elbows, or feet. Typically, massage therapists intend to relax the soft tissues, increase delivery of blood and oxygen to the massaged areas, warm the body, and decrease pain.

In the United States, massage therapy first was embraced and promoted for a variety of health purposes in the beginning of the 18th century. In the 30s and 40s, it became less popular thanks to scientific and technological advances in medical world. It would become popular again as an alternative medicine technique in the 1970s. Massage therapy is governed by regulatory laws that imply massage therapists must graduate from an approved institutions. Massage therapists work in a variety of settings including private offices, nursing homes, other clinical settings, fitness clubs and even airport lounges. Some also provide their services at hotel rooms and customers’ homes. A massage therapist on your first appointment would usually discuss your symptoms, medical history before deciding on the massage that would work best for you. The risks to massage therapy if used appropriately and administered by trained massage therapists are minimal. Before you decide about going in for massage therapy, ask the therapist about their training, experience and relevant licenses or certificates.

You must inform your physician about any alternative therapy you are considering or using, including massage therapy. This helps to ensure safe and coordinated care. Just so you remember, you must not consider massage therapy as a replacement to your regular medical care or to postpone seeing a doctor about a medical problem you may be suffering.

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