Marriage and Family Therapist

A marriage and family therapist is certified to independently diagnose and treat substance abuse and mental health problems affecting families. Family therapy is a core mental health discipline that focuses on mental illnesses and family problems treated in a family context. Family therapists help in resolving conflicts and managing or overcoming mental and emotional disorders in patients. These therapists emphasize on family relationships as important factors in the psychological health of a person.

Marriage and family therapy gained formal development is the 1940s and 1950s during the time when the American Association of Marriage Counselors, the predecessor of AAMFT, was founded. In treating patients and resolving issues affecting family systems, the family therapists examine the symptoms and interaction patterns of the patients within their existing environment.

The therapists try to understand how the environment and the mental health interrelate in causing conflicts and health problems. Family therapy is applied in the treatment of substance abuse, depression, marital problems, alcoholism, couple enrichment, child problems, and schizophrenia.

Research conducted on couples therapy for depression has hinted that the preferred treatment method for couples who are experiencing both distress and depression is application of family or couples therapy. The family-based interventions may also be applied to persons with medical problems.

While most of family therapists use counseling therapy approach to treat their patients of mental problems, drugs be administered to help manage uncontrolled feelings and behaviors- only if necessary. The American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy lists its members in an online directory where people seeking for family therapy can find a therapist in their local area.

Marriage and family therapists use behavioral change approaches in treating mental problems in patients, but occasionally, medicines to manage severe symptoms or behavioral changes may be administered. Pharmacy Coupons strives to save you money on your prescription drugs. We offer coupons and discount program to allow you save money on your prescription drug purchase. Pharmacy Coupons is determined to allow you live a healthier life while you spend less.