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Drug Name: Lansoprazole

Lansoprazole is a drug that usually belongs to a group of drugs called proton pump inhibitors. However, lansoprazole"s function is to decrease the amount of acid which is produced in the stomach. The drug is also used to treat and prevent ulcers which affect the stomach and intestines.

Apart from treating the above disorders, lansoprazole also treats and prevents other conditions such as heartburn that happen two or more days a week.

Lansoprazole does not show heartburn symptoms immediately. It is also very advisable to ask a doctor or pharmacist if it is right to take the drug when experiencing a liver disease. A patient should not take the drug when having an allergy to it.

Some conditions are treated by combining lansoprazole and antibiotics. This drug is not expected to harm a fetus. Lansoprazole should not be given to a child who is less than one year old.