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Drug Name: L-methyl-B6-B12

L-methyl-B6-B12 is a drug used in the treatment of folate deficiency and vitamin B12 deficiency. Often, these deficiencies go hand-in-hand, something determined by your prescriber. L-methyl-B6-B12 may also be used for purposes not listed here.

L-methyl-B6-B12 works by mimicking the effects of folate in the body. L-methylfolate is, for example, the naturally circulating form of folate in the body. By giving patients L-methyl-B6-B12, it serves to replenish lost stores of folate and, by extension, help patients with vitamin B12 deficiency caused by a lack of folate.

There are a limited range of potential side effects with L-methyl-B6-B12, among them including nausea, headache, and tingling sensations in the hands and feet.