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Drug Name: Jolessa
Generic Name(s): Ethinyl Estradiol
Drug Class: Contraceptive
Treats: Prevents Fertilization

Jolessa stands in the long list of many contraceptives used by women in particular. It is basically used to prevent pregnancy. In other words, the drug helps in preventing ovulation (release of the egg to the uterus) soon after sexual intercourse. Some effects are created in the uterine walls hence eventually discouraging fertilization.

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Jolessa Uses

Considering that Jolessa is a contraceptive, its sole role is to prevent fertilization from occurring. There are a number of effects that this particular drug created. The effects are all connected to inhibition of fertilization. Important to note, Jolessa is a combination of both progesterone and estrogen. Some of these effects include:

  • Thickening of Cervical Mucus- This effect is meant to inhibit and delay the motion of sperms towards the egg. This means that the fertilization mission is challenged negatively at early stages.
  • Inhibiting Ovulation- This is basically the release of a female egg to the uterus. Jolessa is used to inhibit ovulation.
  • Altering the Uterine Lining- Instead of thickening the uterine walls, Jolessa creates a thinning effect. This in return discourages fertilization.

Jolessa Dosage

It is important to note from the beginning that the major form of Jolessa is oral tablets. This means that you have to consume the drug via mouth. In most cases, dosages for contraceptives do not vary much. After all, the eventual aim is to prevent unwanted pregnancies. For those with special conditions, it is necessary to consult a doctor before you commence your dosage. A specialist may consider prescribing a different dosage if your health condition is different. In most cases, Jolessa comes in dosages of 21, 28 and 91 days. The tablets are supposed to be consumed on daily basis for 28 days after which a break of 7 days should be taken before resuming the dosage again. Important to note, consumption of Jolessa should be started before the lapse of the first 72 hours after sexual intercourse.

Jolessa Side Effects

Side effects after consumption of any contraceptive are expected. The same case applies to Jolessa. Some women might report serious side effects while other reports mediocre ones. Some may not even experience the said side effects at all. This is solely attributed to the varying nature of human body sensitivity. In case an unusual side effect occurs, it is necessary to seek the necessary attention from your doctor. This is to narrow down the chances of aggravation. Some of the side effects linked to the consumption of Jolessa include:

  • Breast tenderness
  • lost sexual urge
  • Vaginal spotting
  • Vomiting
  • Weight Gain
  • Mild hair
  • Tightness of the chest
  • reduced urine
  • severe headache

Jolessa Interactions

Interactions for Jolessa may vary depending on the current status of your health. However, it has been confirmed that over 2000 drugs can form a perfect interaction with Jolessa as well as other common health conditions. It is however advised that you do the necessary consultation if the quest of identifying Jolessa interaction turns confusing. This should help you evade the chances of choosing the wrong drugs in the name of interactions. Some of the common interactions include: