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Drug Name: Janumet
Generic Name(s): metformin/sitagliptin
Drug Class: anitdiaetic combinations
Treats: diabetes

Janumet is an oral diabetes medication that helps control blood sugar levels in Type 2 diabetes patients. Janumet works by regulating the production and absorption of glucose in the body, and also by regulating the production of insulin after a patient eats. Janumet is a combination of two diabetes drugs - metformin and sitagliptin, which work in concert to control inappropriate blood sugar reactions.

Janumet is a medicine used in the treatment of diabetes. The medicine can only be used in patients with type 2 diabetes, and may not be administered to patients with type 1 diabetes. The medicine is composed of two active ingredients, metformin and sitagliptin, each of which works via different, but complementary means.

Metformin works by reducing blood sugar production in the liver, whereas sitagliptin works by regulating levels of insulin in the body. The medicine is not permitted for use in patients under the age of 18.

Janumet is associated with its own range of potential side effects. These include upset stomach, gas, headache, weakness, cold-like symptoms, and nausea.