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Drug Name: Hydroquinone
Brand Name(s): Lustra, Unblemish
Drug Class: Topical depigmenting agents
Treats: Lightens dark patches on skin

Hydroquinone is a skin bleaching topical mostly used when wanting to deal with skin related issues such as, age spots, freckles, or any other sort of skin discoloration that might be associated with pregnancy, injury, birth control pills or hormone medicines. It uses the mechanism of inhibiting enzyme reaction in skin cells.

Hydroquinone is an aromatic organic white granular solid compound that is a type of phenol, a derivative of benzene, having the chemical formula C6H4 (OH) 2. Hydroquinone features two hydroxyl groups bonded to a benzene ring in a para position.

Hydroquinone is mainly used in lightening the dark patches of skin that are caused by injury to the skin, birth control pills, pregnancy or hormone medicine one may be using or taking.

Hydroquinone cream is a skin-bleaching agent thus works by inhibiting an enzyme reaction in skin cells by producing reversible depigmentation of the skin and suppression of other melanocyte metabolic processes.