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Drug Name: Histoplasmin
Generic Name(s): Not available
Drug Class: Skin test surveys
Treats: Diagnoses histoplasmosis

Histoplasmin is a skin test that is normally carried out with the sole purpose of diagnosing an infection known as histoplasmosis. Histoplasmosis is usually caused by Histoplasma capsulatum, a fungus found in soil that has rotten bird or bat guano. During the test, an allergen is normally injected right under the skin and checked after 48 hours for any signs of a reaction.

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Histoplasmin Uses

Histoplasma capsulatum, a fungus naturally found in soil that has rotten bird or bat guano is responsible for causing an infection known as histoplasmosis. Most people are normally exposed to this fungus during excavations where the soil that is contaminated is released and anyone can easily contract the infection. Normally, most people who are healthy, histoplasmosis is non-progressive or asymptomatic and can easily be mistaken to be tuberculosis or sarcoidosis during clinical tests. 

If there is little exposure to the fungus, the Histoplasmin skin test is usually conducted where certain allergens are injected right under the skin and the results will be seen after 48 hours.

  • Fungal infection

Histoplasmin Dosage

Histoplasmin is a skin test that needs to be conducted by a trained professional who understands the dynamics of the test. The set dosage should be adhered to in order for the desired results to be achieved. The dosage set is usually determined by the following factors:

  • The level of exposure
  • Your medical history in regards to allergens
  • The state of health you are in

When the above have already been considered, your doctor can continue with the procedure. A single injection, which contains the specific allergens is usually administered right under the skin and the results are normally checked after 48 hours.

Histoplasmin Side Effects

Histoplasmin, like any other drug or test can come with undesired side effects. The side effects occur because there are allergens that are being introduced to the body so as the body will recognize it as a foreign substance and form antibodies to fight against it and this will result in certain allergic reactions. Most of the times, these side effects will subside without any medical attention. Your doctor is well aware if the side effects and he/she will discuss with you prior to the test.

  • Generally there will be no side effects, just some inflammation where you will be injected, but in severe cases you might undergo anaphylactic shock.

Histoplasmin Interactions

Histoplasmin interactions are an important thing for you to know in order for you to avoid unwanted side effects. At times, these interactions can reduce the efficacy of the test and mess the results leading to a misdiagnosis, which can make the doctor treat the wrong disease. Interactions can range from over the counter medication to herbal remedies. Even certain foods and drinks can cause certain interactions that can alter the mechanism of action of the allergens injected in your body.

You have to discuss with your doctor prior to the test to let him/her know so as they can cover all the bases to ensure the test results will be correct. Here are some of Histoplasmin's interactions

  • Antihistamines
  • Certain anti-inflammatory medications