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Drug Name: HIP Prenatal
Generic Name(s): prenatal multivitamin
Drug Class: Prenatal Vitamin Preparations
Treats: Vitamins and Minerals Deficiency

Hip Prenatal is a multi-vitamin and iron solution used to prevent or treat vitamin insufficiency due to weak diet, certain diseases, or during pregnancy. Iron and vitamins are essential building blocks of your body and help in keeping you in excellent health.

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HIP Prenatal Uses

HIP Prenatal is vitamin and iron combination used to treat or prevent a shortage of minerals and vitamins prior to, during, and after pregnancy, and whilst breastfeeding.This product treats:

  • Vitamin Deficiency

On top of serving as a backup for any nutritional deficiencies in the diet, HIP prenatal  can help reduce threat for certain diseases during pregnancy. You doctor may administer HIP Prenatal for other medical conditions not stated here.

HIP Prenatal works by offering vitamin supplements to the  body to help fulfill nutritional requirements.

HIP Prenatal Dosage

Take HIP Prenatal by mouth, once each day or as instructed. Comply with all instructions on the HIP Prenatal label, or take as instructed by your doctor. Never take more than the advised dosage. If you're unsure about any of the dosage details, seek advice from your doctor. HIP Prenatal is best consumed on an empty stomach or two hours after meals. Take it with a full cup of water unless your doctor instructs you otherwise

Dosage details

  • Doctors recommend 400 mcg a day

HIP Prenatal Side Effects

If your health practitioner has prescribed HIP Prenatal, keep in mind that he has assessed that the gain to you is higher than the threat of side-effects. A lot of people using HIP Prenatal do not have severe side effects. A very severe allergic effect to HIP Prenatal is rare. Even so, seek fast medical help if you observe any of the following indications of a serious allergic attack:

  • itching/swelling tongue and face ,
  • rash,
  • intense dizziness,
  • difficulty breathing.

Common HIP Prenatal side effects include

  • Constipation,
  • upset stomach or diarrhea . These effects are normally momentary and may vanish as your body adapts to this medicine. If any of these side effects intensify, contact your  pharmacist immediately

HIP Prenatal Interactions

Your  pharmacist may already be alert of any potential HIP Prenatal drug interactions and could be tracking you for them. HIP Prenatal can reduce the assimilation of other medicines such as

  • bisphosphonates ,
  • quinolone antibiotics ,
  • thyroid medications
  • penicillamine,
  • levodopa,, and
  • tetracycline antibiotics

 Therefore, split the dosages of these drugs as far as possible from the doses of HIp prenatal. Ask your doctor  about the length of time you should delay between dosages and for help obtaining a dosing plan that works with all your medicines.